Does the Sale of Twitter Matter for Your 2017 Social Media Strategy?

twitter-logoWith Twitter’s current market capitalization around $12.8 billion, down from as high as $39.9 billion just a few years ago, many marketers are left wondering how this once-mighty platform could be falling so far. The platform’s very public sale has reawakened long-dormant discussions about its place in the social media sphere, and recent events have further complicated those conversations. Its Thursday Night Football deal was one of the few times where breaking even could be seen as a strategic win, but many analysts agree that more content can’t save Twitter—at least not from a business standpoint.

If your brand has invested resources into Twitter as part of your social media strategy, this news is disconcerting. As the year winds to a close and end-of-year budgetary decisions are being finalized, the question has to be asked: is Twitter marketing going to matter in 2017?

The short answer: yes (for now).

The longer answer starts with a deep dive into Twitter’s recent history, and the crowd of potential buyers and audiences who are ready to invest in the platform’s future.

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